Electronic Pool Passes are Here

 Pool Passes on Phone

The Board of Directors for the Whittier Community Association is pleased to announce the continued use of the electronic pool pass system for the 2024 summer season. The pools will open on Saturday, May 25, 2024. This year, we will again use an online registration and virtual ID process for pool access – this means NO MORE PHYSICAL CARDS to lose! Additionally, homeowners DO NOT need to re-register each year unless there are changes to the household.

Homeowners that have not signed up previously must complete the online pool registration. If you are a tenant, please note that the homeowner must complete the registration process and authorize your use of the pool. If you are a homeowner with new tenants, you must first remove the prior tenants from the system and then add your current tenants. Tenants can reach out to their landlords to help with this process by providing names and other registration data. Homeowners can sign up and register using: whittier.cellbadge.com/Register your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Registration Instructions. This is a multi-step process!

  1. Sign up as a new member using the GREEN BOX
    • Please use the property address in Whittier.
    • Once you submit your basic information, it is sent to the management/pool administrator to confirm that you are a homeowner in Whittier.
    • You will receive a text/email once your information has been validated.  At this time, your final registration is PENDING until you update your household members (see below).Instruction Box
  2. After you receive your text/email, return to: whittier.cellbadge.com/Register using the BLUE BOX “Registered Previously or Approved” and enter your email address and phone number to get your unique PIN to authenticate your account.
    • You will receive a PIN via text and email.  Enter the PIN to continue the process.
  3. After entering your PIN, you will be taken to the POOL REGISTRATION page:
    • Register every member of your household (first and last name and age category).
    • Once you submit your information, your registration is sent to the pool administrator/community manager for final approval.
    • You will receive a confirmation text/email to notify you when your registration has been ACCEPTED.
    • At your first visit to the pool, a lifeguard on duty may take your photograph to accompany your registration and complete your household record.
  4. After this process is complete, your access to the pool for the remainder of the season will be quite simple. No pass is required – just check-in with the lifeguard by providing your name and address, and they will be able to access your “virtual ID card” and photo and allow access to the pool. This new process takes the place of the old pool pass system.
  5. Guest passes: residents will receive 10 “virtual guest passes” for use at the pool during the summer. All other guest rules, including the maximum number permitted per resident, remain in place.

General Pool Information and Reminders

You are encouraged to go online to complete the application process as soon as possible. 

Any online registrations received after May 17th will be processed as quickly as possible but are not guaranteed to be processed before the pool opens. 

The 2024 Pool Guidelines and Statement of Understanding; Assumption of Risk; Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement are not included in the package; however, all homeowners who complete the registration process acknowledge and agree to the pool rules and Agreement. If you are renting your home, you must provide these documents to your tenants. By adding them to your registration you certify that your tenants also agree to adhere to the pool rules and Agreement. Please visit www.whittieronline.org to review these documents before completing your registration. Incomplete registration requests will be rejected to the applicant and must be resubmitted to include all missing information. Please note that this will delay the processing and completion of your registration. 

In order to receive approval for pool access, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. You must live in or own a home in Whittier.
  2. Your assessments must be current.  If you have questions about your account, contact Vanguard Management’s accounting department at 301-540-8600 x3303 or email info@vanguardmgt.com.
  3. Your home must not have any outstanding maintenance/architectural violations.
  4. The homeowner must complete the online registration.  If you are a tenant, please contact the homeowner and encourage them to complete the registration.

Thank you, 

The Board of Directors, 

Whittier Community Association