Pool Guidelines


(Download as PDF here)



  1. The first name, last name and age must be listed for EVERY resident requesting a pool pass.
  2. Please be aware that the Board of Directors reserves the right to require proof of residency for ANY person on an application at their discretion.
  3. The unit owner must acknowledge and agree (and tenant if applicable) to abide by the pool rules and regulations and the Statement of Understanding; Assumption of Risk; Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement which is listed on the pool pass registration, posted on the Whittier website at www.whittieronline.org and posted at the pool.   
  4. Only the owner OR tenant can receive pool passes, not both.


  1. Authority and Mission Statement:
    1. Conferral of Authority. The pool management staff (the pool manager, assistant manager, lifeguards, and gate attendant), and the Whittier Community Association, Inc. Board of Directors (WCAB), have absolute authority for the operational and safety conditions of the pool and the enforcement of the below-listed pool regulations.
    2. Mission statement. The WCAB is committed to ensure that all pool pass-holders and guests, collectively called "patrons," have a safe and enjoyable experience in accord with Article II, Section 1 of the Association Declaration and Covenants. Any incident or practice that mars such an experience, even if not specified below, should be referred to the WCAB.
  2. Pool admissions:
    1. Admissions in general. Admission to the pool requires a current year Whittier pool pass. Passes will be electronic. Registration can be completed at whittier.cellbadge.com/Register .
    2. Guest admissions. Six (6) guests are allowed per Whittier household per day.  The adult Whittier member must pay with a check or use an electronic guest pass for each guest and is responsible for their guest’s behavior at all times while at the pool. Each electronic 10-punch guest pass is $15.00.     
    3. Children's admissions.  An adult (to include a person 16 years of age or older) must accompany any child who is less than 10-years old.  Children between the ages of 10 and 15 may be admitted without an adult provided that they pass a swim test administered by a guard.    
    4. Refusal to admit for health or safety reasons. Individuals who are bleeding, wearing bandages and/or with skin abrasions, colds, inflamed eyes or exhibiting other types of possibly contagious infections and any individuals who appear under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted.
    5. Suspended persons. Persons suspended from any Whittier pool for violation of these regulations shall not be admitted to any other Whittier pool. All pool managers will report any attempt by a suspended pass holder to enter their pool to the WCAB.  
  3. Chair lifts, for pool entry, are available at each pool for those that require assistance.
  4. County Health regulations: The Frederick County Board of Health requires that all persons must take a cleansing shower prior to entry to the pool area. Moreover, non-toilet trained individuals must wear approved “swimmer’s disposal pants”.
  5. Swimwear: Appropriate swimwear must be always worn. The pool manager has the discretion to decide what is appropriate.
  6. Swimming and pool accessories: Water wings or other "flotation devices" will be permitted, provided that a person wearing such devices is supervised by an adult who will remain, always, "within arm’s reach" of the person with such devices.
  7. Off-Limits Areas: Only pool staff or equipment-related individuals shall be permitted in the filter room area, on the guard stands, or behind the sign-in desk. No persons will be permitted in the lifeguard station except in the case of an emergency.
  8. Wading Pool Use: An adult must always accompany children in the wading pool areas and be "within arm’s reach" at all times of such children. The wading pool is restricted to children under five years old and their accompanying adults.
  9. Permitted Items or Activities at the option of the Pool staff (based on pool crowd size or other factors at the sole discretion of the staff):
    1. Face masks, snorkels, and swim fins.
    2. Swimming games.
    3. Use of soft textured balls such as "beach balls", "nerf balls" or soft "small footballs"
    4. A lap lane for straight-line swimming only if requested between 5 PM to 7 PM on weekdays at Cobblestone and Greenleaf. A dedicated lap lane will be always located at the Wetherburne pool.
  10. Non-Permitted Items or Activities in Pool Areas at all times:
    1. Non-swimmers in pool sections designated as deep water.
    2. Pets of any kind.
    3. Glass, glass face masks, or sharp metal objects.
    4. Eating or drinking within seven (7) feet of the pool's edge
    5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs.
    6. Smoking, chewing gum, or tobacco
    7. Spitting or spouting of water or nose blowing in the pool
    8. Wheeled vehicles or objects, except for baby carriages or strollers. Wheelchairs are exempt from this category.
    9. Persons who become injured with bleeding or skin abrasions remaining in the pool.
    10. Playing, swinging, or sitting on ladders.
    11. Running, pushing, wrestling, fighting, splashing, "horseplay" or unruly behavior that does or can interfere with other persons.
    12. Sitting on, hanging from, or diving over float lines.
    13. Absolutely no diving is permitted.
    14. Climbing on, loitering around, or playing on guard stands.
    15. Use of footballs, baseballs, softballs, golf balls, soccer balls, and the like in or around the pool.
    16. Discarding, throwing, or leaving any trash, cans, and bottles other than into designated receptacles.
    17. Misuse or vandalism of pool-side equipment
    18. Lewd acts, abusive behavior, or profane language directed by anyone to anyone else.
    19. Failing to follow a directive by a pool staff member, interfering with or preventing the pool staff's performance of duties, or public disrespect to a pool staff member.
    20. Use of water pistols, super-soakers, or any type of toy used to project water are not permitted in or around the pool.
  11. Pool Scheduling and special use:
    1. Rest period. The last 15 minutes of each full hour the pool is open (except the final hour of the day) will be set aside for a child rest period.
    2. Unscheduled closings. The pool facility may be closed, at the sole discretion of the pool manager, or as required by Frederick County rules, due to an issued local severe weather warning, thunder or lightning observed, rain, air temperatures below sixty-five (65) degrees Fahrenheit, operational breakdown of pool equipment, or lack of staff. Please check with the Pool Company for the current status.
    3. Special events. The WCAB has the authority to modify posted hours for special use purposes that it duly approved.
  12. Use of pool-side furniture: Benches, tables, umbrellas, lounges, and other chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Equipment users are prohibited from reserving items for persons not present and from leaving equipment unused for an extended period of time while demand exists for such items by other patrons.    
  13. Unlawful acts subject to legal enforcement: Any unauthorized or illegal use of the pool facilities by any person(s) will be fully prosecuted of the law. Any unauthorized person(s) found inside the pool enclosure or bathhouse at times when the pool has been closed will be prosecuted for trespassing and subject to suspension by the WCAB.
  14. Approach roads and adjacent areas to the pool: Association members, their family and guests should drive slowly and safely on roads in the vicinity of pools, on driveways leading to, and in pool parking lots. Pool parking lots are dedicated for use by pool patrons’ vehicles. Parked vehicles in these lots which are clearly not used for that purpose (such as unlicensed vehicles, junk vehicles, boats, trailers, trucks) or at times other than hours of pool use will be subject to towing as specified in the "Policy for Vehicle Parking Violations". Parking lots and certain land adjacent to the pool are Whittier Common Areas and misuse of them will be subject to allowable remedies available to the Board by applicable law and governing documents.
  15. Limitation of risks:
    1. Personal Property. Neither the Whittier Community Association, its management company nor the Association's pool company is responsible for the loss or damage to personal property. Items left at the pool will be properly disposed of on a weekly basis.
    2. Persons. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. Neither the Whittier Community Association, its managing company nor the Association's pool company is responsible for any injury or accident connected with pool use.
  16. Enforcement Policy: Most initial enforcement problems should usually require only a verbal reminder or friendly admonition to resolve. Suspension of pool privileges is a serious matter and will be enforced as follows:
    1. Pool staff authority to suspend. (1) LIFEGUARDS. A lifeguard has the authority to suspend any patron for any violation of any of the regulations herein for twenty-four hours, subject only to the review of the pool manager on duty at that time. (2) MANAGER. A manager (or assistant when the manager is absent) has the authority to suspend any patron for any violation of the listed regulations, subject only to review by the WCAB, for up to one week. (3) IMPLEMENTATION AND FORFEIT. If a pass-holder is suspended, his pass will be invalid.
    2. WCAB authority to suspend: (1) FOR POOL OR NON-POOL VIOLATIONS The WCAB has the authority to suspend the right of any patron to use the pool for violation of any of these regulations for up to 30 days as well as for other published rules and regulations not related to pool use (2) FOR PAST DUE ASSESSMENTS The WCAB has the authority to withhold pool passes from families or suspend their right to use the pool should the family be past due in any assessment until the past-due condition is resolved.
  17. Questions concerning rules and regulations: Please direct rules and regulations questions to the Pool Manager, WCAB, or Vanguard Management (Nancy Keen, Community Manager at 301-540-8600).
  18. Regulation changes: The WCAB can determine when a change is needed and have the matter placed on the agenda and/or discussed at the next Board meeting so that owners have an opportunity to be heard. Once a decision has been made by the WCAB, posting the changed regulation at the pools will constitute sufficient notice to patrons that the regulation is effective.