Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting Minutes

August 23, 2016


The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on August 23, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.


Present:                                                                                                                                 Paul Zimnik, President                                                                                 

Bill Watt, Vice-President

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer

John Arkoian, Secretary                                                                                            

Bill Ryan, Director

Nancy Sweet, Director

Roger Franks, Director

Susan Miller, Director

Eric Struntz, Director


Others Present:

Several Homeowners

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary



I.         CALL TO ORDER:

Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:03pm with a quorum present.



The Board discussed the May 24, 2016 minutes.  It was noted that a vote for the ACC appeal on page three had a vote against it.   There was discussion about the end of the May meeting and that a Board member remembered a 2nd on a motion.  The other Board Members did not hear the motion and the recording secretary did not hear that second motion either. 

Motion:  To accept the minutes with 1 correction on the vote on the ACC appeal Retractable Awning.

Jackson/Sweet                            Vote:  3 For, 4 Abstain, 1 Against



A. Ms. Weaver, a homeowner asked if Classic could put perennials at Rocky Springs and Christopher Crossings back entrance by the brick wall.  Management will get a proposal from Classic.

B.Mr. Cowell reported a problem with speeders on Tuscany Drive.  He asked if the Board could send letters to the City asking for more police patrolling.  The Board discussed with the Homeowners at the meeting the benefits of a Neighborhood Watch.  Mr. Franks has been doing research on starting a Neighborhood Watch.  Mr. Weaver has been attending the NAC meetings.    Mr. Franks is open to meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Vaughan.

C.The Homeowners and Management discussed pool passes.  Management discussed the need for withholding pool passes when Homeowners have maintenance violations and or past dues owed. 




A. Board Resignations: 

Mr. Dan Cowell and Ms. Andrea Weaver resigned from the Board.  Mr. Cowell has expressed interest in being reinstated back on the Board.  There are eight homeowners that have expressed interest in serving as Directors.  Management requested that they each complete a candidate questionnaire.  Only six questionnaires were returned.  There are two vacancies that may be filled by appointment of the Board.  The person appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the term he replaces.  The potential Board members that were at the meeting introduced themselves;  John Arkoian, Dan Cowell, Steve Rountree, Eric Struntz, Barry Vaughan, and John (Jack) Weaver Jr.  The Board asked the Candidates to leave the room while they voted.

2017 Director Position:  Eric Struntz vote:  6 out of 7 votes

2016 Director Position:  John Arkoian vote:  6 out of 7 votes

The Board voted on the two Officer Positions; Vice-President and Secretary.


Motion:  Bill Watt for Vice President.

 Ryan/Jackson                       Vote:   Unanimous


Motion:  John Arkoian for Secretary.

Ryan/Jackson                        Vote:   Unanimous


B. Dead Tree Removal/Replacement:

There are numerous dead common area trees throughout the community.  Classic has given a proposal to remove the dead trees and replace some of the trees.

1. Tree removal behind Prentice Ct. $535.00 Optional to replace with a Maple “October Glory” $690.00 total $1,225,00

2.Various Tree Removal – June 2016 $2,102.00 Optional Replacements 1 Winter King Hawthorn $635.00; Optional 1October Glory Red Maple $645.00; Optional 1 Green Vase Japanese Zelkova tree $882.00 total of $4,264.00

3.Removal of Three Dead and /or declining Plum trees located on the Farm Side of Christopher Crossing Removal of trees replace with Redbud Forest Pansy total $3,524.00

4.Tree removal behind 2231 West Greenleaf $522.50; Replacement tree optional 2 Amelanchier Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance  $1,464.00 Total $1,986.50.


Management stated that the City has been doing tree trimming in the community on City property.  The City Arborist reported that there are two additional dead trees on Dunmore that we need to have removed or the Association can be fined.  The funds would come from the general and townhouse budget depending on where the tree is located. 

Motion:  To have them removed and the new trees replaced. 

Ryan/Struntz                                    Vote:  Unanimous


C.ACC Committee Volunteer:

The ACC has changed their meeting time to 7:30pm.  Mr. Daniel Cowell has volunteered to join the ACC Committee.  He has attended the June, July and August meetings.  A Board Member will post on the Whittier Web site the change in time for the meetings.

Motion:  To appoint Mr. Dan Cowell on the ACC.

Ryan/Franks                          Vote:  Unanimous


D.2017 Draft Budget:

The Budget reflects no increase for the General Assessments, .09% ($2.00) increase in Townhouse assessments and a 5.6% ($1.00) increase for the single family homes for 2017. The Board members reviewed the budget and approved for publication to members for comment.  Management would like to mail out a post card directing the homeowners to go to the web site to see the budget instead of mailing a ten page report to approximately 1600 homeowners.  A homeowner would have the option to ask for a copy to be mailed to them.

Motion:  To approve mailing out the postcard.

Ryan/ Arkoian                       Vote:  Unanimous


Motion:  Proceed with posting budget to the website.

Sweet/Ryan                           Vote:  Unanimous


E.Reserve Study Update Proposal:

In February 2015, the Board tabled the Reserve Study Update Proposal for further discussion again in the spring of 2016.  This is the same reserve company that had previously done a reserve study for the community.

Motion:  That we approve Reserve Advisors do the updated reserve study at $3,550.00.

Ryan/Struntz                                    Vote:    Unanimous                


F. Wood Fiber Safety Surfacing at Tot Lots:

Sports Systems and Playground Specialist have given proposals to replenish the wood fiber at the four Association’s tot lots.

Playground Specialist proposed 72cy of wood fiber for $3,333.00

Sports Systems proposed 79cy of wood fiber for $5,056.00

It was last done approximately three-four years ago. 

Motion: That approve Playground Specialist for the $3,333.00 and that the funds be paid from the Reserves.

 Ryan/Jackson                       Vote:  Unanimous


G. 2015 Audit Approval:

Management has enclosed a copy of the 2015 draft audited financial statement for the year ended December 31, 2015 as audited by Goldklang Group. 

Motion:  That we approve the audit with Ms. Jackson’s review and approval. 

Ryan/Sweet                           Vote:  6 For 3 Abstain


H. Collection Decisions:

1. Uncollectible Legal Fees*******: 

The attorney has reported that this must be written –off to bad debt as they are uncollectible.

Motion:  That we write off the $1,943.32 to bad debt.

Ryan/Franks           Vote:  Unanimous 

2.Write-Off to Bad Debt*****:

This home foreclosed and has transferred to a new homeowner.  All amounts due from the foreclosing institution and the new homeowner have been paid in full.  The report from the auditor stated that there was a deficiency in proceeds from the sale is in excess of $143,000.00

Motion:  To write off to bad debt.

 Ryan/Arkoian        Vote: Unanimous




A.  ACC:  none

B.  Pool Committee: Management stated that it was a quiet season.  The Cobblestone pool will close one weekend after Labor Day.  Management will ask Continental Pools for a count of usage for the pools this summer.

C.  Townhouse Committee:  none

D.  Condo Committee:   Residents have noticed suspicious activities.  It has been reported to the police.

E.   Landscaping Committee:  The Board discussed a need for weeding along Christopher’s Crossings from Classic.  The Board discussed the Watering Contract and that the Association has exceeded the $500.00 limit.  They discussed the need for additional watering.

Motion:  For an additional $500.00 for watering.

 Ryan/Arkoian                             Vote:  Unanimous

F.  Website Committee:  The Board agreed to add a twitter account for announcements for the Association.  The Board discussed that the Whittier Web site recently went down.  The hardware had crashed and it is rare that the site has gone down.   A Board member stated that he will send an email out to the Board if it should occur again.  Dr. Zimnik spends approximately twenty-five voluntary hours a week on the web site.  Mr. Roundtree, a homeowner, stated he would contact Dr. Zimnik in possibly assisting with the Web site.

     Motion:  That we have a Whittier twitter account to make    announcements for the web.

Struntz/Ryan                              Vote:  Unanimous 

G. Social Committee:  The Board made the decision to cancel the festival for this year.  The Board discussed participating in the National Night Out again.  The Board is open to other ideas.  A Board member had sent out emails to the vendors that the event had been postponed. 

Motion: To cancel it for this year.

Miller/Ryan                                 Vote:  Unanimous 

H. Treasurer’s Report:  none

I.NAC Report:  There has been increased police patrol in the community.  Theft from vehicles continues to be a problem.  Please lock your cars.  There was a speed box on Tuscany.  The Kemp Lane Project will be 456 single family and townhomes.  Ninety-six acres were annexed into the City.  Contact information will be put on the Web site.




A. Board Absenteeism: 

The Board discussed missing meetings.  The By-laws state that a Board Member may be replaced if they should miss three or more consecutive meetings.  It was pointed out that the by-law states “may” not “will”.  It was stated that the question should be asked to a missing Board member as to why they might be missing the meetings.  It was pointed out that even if a Board member might miss a meeting, most often they are active through the email business of the Association.  Management will send an email to the Board Members one week before the meeting asking if they will be attending. 




A.Emergency Expense:

   The Board discussed having funds available that in an emergency the President can authorize Management to use.  The pools are the biggest concern.  The Board would be notified immediately of the funds being used.       

Motion:  To give the President executive authority to use up to $5,000.00 to spend in an emergency providing that he will notify the Board within 24 hrs.

Ryan/Sweet                                                Vote:  Unanimous


B.Independent Action:

A Board Member cannot take it upon them self to speak for the Board.   The Board Member may not spend money on behalf of the Board without the Board’s approval.  If a Board Member were to incur charges for the Board without the Board’s approval of those charges that Board Member would be responsible for those charges.

C.   Whistle Blower Policy: 

The Board would like to discuss creating a whistle blower policy at the next meeting.




                     There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the Board    meeting adjourned at: 9:53pm.

         Motion:  To adjourn.

         Sweet/Struntz                                                  Vote:  Unanimous 



Please note the next scheduled meeting is September 27, 2016 at 7:00PM.




Respectfully yours,




Shelly Henning

Recording Secretary