How do I submit an Architectural Change Request?

Homeowners, not the builder or contractor, are responsible for submitting a project application to the Architectural Change Committee (ACC) for review.

The submission must contain the following (for specific project requirements, please click here to review the WHITTIER ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES): 

  1. A completed application which you can DOWNLOAD HERE.
  2. A separate letter if you need to provide additional information or are requesting a variance from the published Guidelines.
  3. A plot plan with the project drawn/outlined.
  4. A drawing or picture of the project.
  5. A materials list and manufacturer-supplied color sample(s). 

If a homeowner does not submit these items, the ACC cannot conduct a thorough review of the submission, as we would not have a complete picture of what the homeowner has in mind!

If you are not sure if your project requires ACC approval, you can check:

  1. The COVENANTS and BY-LAWS you received at settlement
  3. Vanguard Management at (301) 540-8600

It is VERY RISKY, and potentially could become very expensive,
to complete a project without prior ACC approval.

The ACC meets virtually and will review each application as it is received at their next meeting.

You may submit your application by:

  1. Emailing your application packet to
  2. Mail your application to Vanguard. The mailing address is: VANGUARD MANAGEMENT P.O. Box 39 Germantown, MD 20875
  • An ACC approval is valid for one year. If you are unable to complete your project within that timeframe, you'll need to resubmit and request a new approval letter.
  • Remember that an approval letter only covers your originally submitted project, design, and materials. Should you need to make changes to the project (design, color, type of siding, etc.) after receiving your approval, you must submit a modification and receive approval for the changes. If you're unsure if the changes you want to make require a re-submission, you can e-mail the ACC (see below)

*If the ACC Guidelines state-specific requirements/ restrictions/limitations for your project which you cannot accommodate, you may request a variance.  To request a variance, attach a letter to your application detailing why your project cannot meet the requirements set forth in the guidelines.  The ACC will pass along your variance request to the HOA for review. 

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