Reporting a Violation

Any resident wishing to file a complaint concerning a Whittier Community Association rules violation should WRITE to:

Whittier Community Association
c/o Vanguard Management
P.O. Box 39
Germantown, Md. 20875

or email Nancy Keen, Community Manager at:

Your written complaint should include:

  • The date and time of the incident (if applicable, such as a noise violation).
  • Description of violation(s).
  • The address (street name and house number) of the home(s) with the violation(s).
  • All violations that are not witnessed by the Association must have a signed complaint.

Confidentiality will be protected to the greatest extent possible.

For violations that can be observed such as lawn maintenance, exterior home maintenance, trash cans in public view, etc.. the community inspector and/or community manager can inspect the home to verify the violation. A violation letter will be sent to the owner and a copy sent to the tenant (if applicable) to correct the violation within 10-15 days. If the violation has not been corrected within the stated time period, a second violation letter will be sent notifying the homeowner that they have 15 days to correct the violation or a hearing will be scheduled before the Board of Directors.

For incidents involving suspected criminal behavior, the Frederick City Police should be contacted at 301-694-2100.

If you are witnessing a crime in action call 911!