Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting Minutes

August 27th, 2019


The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at Daybreak Adult Day Service Center on August 27th, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.




Paul Zimnik, President                                  

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer

Laura Ferguson, Director

Andrea Weaver, Director

Mike Brown, Director

Roger Franks, Director

Nancy Sweet, Director



John Arkoian, Secretary


Others Present:

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Renee Henning, Recording Secretary

Jack Weaver, NACC Representative

Bruce Ramsay, Continental Pools



Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:01 pm with a quorum present.



The Board discussed the June 25th, 2019 minutes and noted some edits.

Motion:  To approve the June 25th, 2019 minutes with the noted edits.

Weaver/Ferguson                                                                       Vote: 5/2/0



NACC Representative, Jack Weaver, shared about meetings in the community and provided the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.


    1. West Palace Green Terrace – Deepen Swale: The homeowner contacted The City of Frederick regarding the excessive stormwater build up in the area behind their backyard. The City inspected the area and responded that the stormwater is designed to travel down the swale behind their home. The swale needs to be cut down so the water doesn’t go over the berm into the homeowners’ yards. Ruppert Landscape inspected the area and agrees with the City assessment. They provided a proposal to deepen the existing swale/trench approximately 2 feet deeper and a width of 5 feet.


Motion: To approve Ruppert Landscape’s proposal to deepen the existing swale.

Weaver/Franks                                                                     Vote: 7/0/0


    1. Fall Pool Repairs: Continental Pool provided a proposal for fall pool repairs. A 10% discount will be given if the repairs are completed this fall. They also provided an inventory of the repairs completed at each pool.  


The Board discussed the proposal provided and determined they would approve the proposal except for the CAT chemical controllers and acid pumps at this time. They will consider the items in the future or if laws change to require them.


Motion: To approve the proposal provided by Continental Pools for the fall pool repairs with the 10% discount, provided the repairs are done this fall, with the exception of removing the CAT chemical controller and acid pump line items and the middle filter replacement at Greenleaf.

Weaver/Ferguson                                                                 Vote: 7/0/0


    1. 2020 Draft Operating Budget: Management provided the Board with the 2020 Draft Operating Budget for their review. The budget reflects a 4% increase ($10.00) for the General Assessments, 1.5% increase ($4.00) in Townhouse assessments and no increase for the single-family homes for 2020.


Motion: To approve 2020 Draft Operating Budget for distribution to Homeowners for comment.

Weaver/Jackson                                                                    Vote: 7/0/0


    1. Lakeside Dr Parking Space Striping and Numbering: Management has received a few Homeowner concerns with the fading parking space lines and numbers on Lakeside Drive. Bids were provided to the Board for review by Jet Services and Gardener’s Contractors to restripe and number the parking spaces.


Motion: To approve the proposal provided by Gardener’s Contractors for the restriping and numbering of the parking spaces on Lakeside Drive, placing the numbers on the curb.

Jackson/Sweet                                                                       Vote:  7/0/0   


    1. Write Off the Bad Debt (*****): All amounts due under the judgement have been paid. The balance on the account of $319.32 represents legal fees and costs incurred in collection of the judgment and are deemed uncollectible.


Motion: To approve the write off to bad debt.

Weaver/Franks                                                                     Vote:  7/0/0


    1. Write Off to Bad Debt (*****): All amounts due under the judgement have been paid in full. The balance on the account is $1,459.55 which includes the amount not awarded by the Court plus post judgement legal fees which are deemed uncollectible.


Motion: To approve the write off to bad debt.

Franks/Sweet                                                                         Vote:  7/0/0


    1. Write Off to Bad Debt (******): Through the attorney’s collection efforts, all assessments have been paid to date except the 2016 assessment. Due to the statute of limitations, the attorney is closing their file and the balance must be written off to bad debt, but the lien will remain in place.


Motion: To approve the write off to bad debt.

Jackson/Weaver                                                                    Vote:  7/0/0


    1. ACC: Reports were provided.
    2. Pool Committee: none
    3. Townhouse Committee: none
    4. Condo Committee: none
    5. Landscaping Committee: none
    6. Website Committee: Someone noted that the pool hours are down on the website, it will be fixed.
    7. Social Committee: none
    8. Treasurer’s Report: Financial reports were provided.


    1. Wetland Studies and Solutions (WSSI) Stormwater Report: As requested by the Board, Wetland Studies completed an inspection of the drainage area behind 2412-2421 Prentice Court as well as 2424/2426 Prentice Court. The provided a report of their findings and recommendations. The Project Specialist met with the contractor and provided a proposal. The Board discussed the proposal and determined it was necessary to move ahead with this project.


Motion: To approve the proposal provided by Wetland Studies to fix the drainage area.

Franks/Weaver                                                                     Vote:  7/0/0   


    1. Ausherman’s Proposed Waterline Easement Acquisition: As the Board approved at the May meeting, Management forwarder the Kellerton Waterline Easement Agreement to the Association’s attorney for review. The attorney reviewed the agreement and worked with the developer’s attorney on the desired modifications. The modified agreement was provided for review. The Board discussed the agreement and determined the terms were agreeable.  


Motion: To approve the Kellerton Waterline Easement Agreement and allow the Developer to choose the trees with the input of the Association.

Weaver/Jackson                                                                    Vote:  7/0/0   


    1. Perennials at the Pools: The Board discussed replacing the junipers and whether or not it should be done in the fall or spring. They also discussed the type of perennials that should be used as a replacement. Determined it would be best to wait until the spring to plant something new.  


Action: Management to obtain a quote on several different options of types of perennials to plant.


    1. Festival: The Board discussed that they are still talking with the City about the Festival and will hear back in October or November from them. Further discussion about plans for the Festival will be postponed until that time.  


    1. Tree Trimming: Homeowners at several locations have asked for trees to be trimmed along their property that are causing a problem. Management provided proposals by Ruppert Landscape to trim the trees.


Motion: To approve the proposal provided by Ruppert Landscapes to trim the trees.

Ferguson/Weaver                                                                Vote: 7/0/0


    1. Request for Removal of a Tree – ***** West Greenleaf Drive: A homeowner asked for a tree to be removed along their property because they perceive it to be invasive. It is not an invasive species, they are healthy, and do not pose a threat of falling. Management provided proposals by Ruppert Landscape to trim the trees.


Motion: To deny the request.

Weaver/Ferguson                                                                Vote: 7/0/0


    1. Pool Equipment: A Board Member brought up pool equipment they thought might need to be replaced. The Board discussed the annual repair or replacement of equipment and determined that they would like to look into more upgraded options for the tables, umbrellas, etc. Management mentioned that the fall would be a good time to find better discounts and lower prices to purchase new equipment. The Board determined the Pool Committee should review the current equipment with Management, research some options for replacements and or improvements.  The Board discussed that it may be a good use of the Reserve to improve one pool at a time and update the furniture.


Action: Management will get a catalogue from Criterion of their furniture and equipment. And the Pool Committee will review and continue to come up with options for improvement and upgrades.


    1. Thank you to Association Meeting Host: The Board discussed presenting a thank you gift to the host at Daybreak Adult Day Service Center, who has been staying past their normal hours, off the clock, to help host the Association meetings. They would like to provide a thank you gift card to the host.


Motion: To purchase and present a $100 gift card as a thank you to the host.

Franks/Jackson                                                                    Vote: 7/0/0



There being no additional business for the Board to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Motion: To adjourn the meeting.

            Jackson/Sweet                                                                          Vote: 7/0/0


Please note the next scheduled meeting is October 22nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm.



Renee Henning

Recording Secretary