Annual Meeting Minutes

Whittier Community Association

Annual Meeting

Whittier Elementary School

November 22, 2016



Present:                                                                     Absent:

Paul Zimnik, President                                               Susan Miller, Director

Bill Watt, Vice-President                               

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer

John Arkoian, Secretary                                                                                

Nancy Sweet, Director

Bill Ryan, Director            

Roger Franks, Director

Eric Struntz, Director



Others Present:

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary

22 Homeowners




Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of the Board of Whittier Community HOA called the annual meeting to order at 7:10pm.



  1. Roll Call and Certification of proxies:  

A quorum of 159 was required.  Over 200 proxies were received and approximately 22 homeowners were at the meeting


  1. Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice: 

The fact that Management received a large amount of proxies and that residents attended is proof of notice.




  1. Drawings for HOA fees:  
    1. Winner drawn from the proxies:     


*** Wetherburne Way

    1. Winner present at meeting: 


***** Hunters Chase Ct.




  1.  Reading And Disposal Of Minutes 2015 Annual Meeting:           

The Homeowners and the Board looked over the 2015 Annual Minutes.

Motion:  The 2015 Annual Minutes were approved.

Homeowner/Homeowner              Unanimous


  1.   Reports Of Officers:  

President Dr. Zimnik explained to the Homeowners what the Board does at the Board meetings.  The President encouraged the Homeowners to use the Whittier Website.  It is He also stated there is a Twitter feed and that it is also on the Web.


  1.  Reports of Committees, if any:         


  1. Election or appointment of inspectors of election:  

         Two homeowners attending the meeting were asked to count the ballots. 



  1.   Election of Directors:           

There are six pre-announced candidates for the three Director positions:  Bernarda Jackson, Nancy Sweet, John Arkoian, Dan Cowell, Andrea Weaver and Michael Desimon; and one write-in Steve Rountree each for a term of three years. The Ballots were counted and John Arkoian, Bernarda Jackson, and Nancy Sweet were elected with the most votes. 


  1. Unfinished business:   

              No unfinished business


  1. New Business:           
    1. Homeowner Concerns: 
      1.  Several Homeowners thanked Ms. Keen for the great job she was doing as the Community Manager.  They stated they were very pleased with her.  All the Homeowners applauded her.           
      2. Concern regarding trash at the lake.  A homeowner thought cleaning up the trash could be a great project for the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.  The Board liked the possibility of an organization helping with the lake.  The President explained that the lake actually belongs to the City.  He explained that the Association has partnered with the City to improve it.  A Homeowner suggested that a Garden Club could be started and have them work on the landscaping at the lake and could engage in other areas of the community.          
      3. The Gazebo needs work and again the Homeowners were informed that the City owns the Gazebo.  Management has notified the City of the maintenance that is needed.  The benches at the Gazebo need the wood on the seat replaced.    
      4. The flowers by Rocky Springs look great.       
      5. A homeowner suggested having an annual volunteer event to clean up the community.  The Association could provide gloves and bags to the residents.  It could also be coordinated with the school.    
      6. Parking has been an issue in the Townhome areas.  Some homes have 4 to 6 cars taking up the Visitor parking.  Management could notify the individual homeowner and ask if they have a lot of cars to park on the city streets.           
      7. A homeowner asked if more shade could be added to the pools.  The Board discussed that Greenleaf has the space.  Management stated she could possibly get an estimate.      
      8. A homeowner asked if the Annual meeting could be changed to a different date.  It is always the same week as Thanksgiving and a lot of Homeowners are away.
      9. A homeowner asked if there was a way to enforce picking up after pets, especially around the lake.  Could pet deposit cans be added?  Management stated they could not put them on the City property.  It was noted that the business park owns a portion of the Lake.    




  1.  Adjournment:         

            There being no additional business the Annual Meeting was adjourned at 8:22pm.

Motion:  To adjourn the meeting.

   Homeowner/Homeowner              Vote:   Unanimous  



Respectfully yours,



Shelly Henning

Recording Secretary