Annual Meeting Minutes

Whittier Community Association

Annual Meeting

Whittier Elementary School

November 24, 2015



Present:                                                                     Absent:

Paul Zimnik, President                                               Bill Watt, Director

Daniel Cowell, Vice-President                                    Bill Ryan, Director            

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer                                                                          

Nancy Sweet, Director

Andrea Weaver, Director

Larry Hornstein, Director

Roger Franks, Director                                              


Others Present:

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary

30 Homeowners




Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of the Board of Whittier Community HOA called the annual meeting to order at 7:09pm.



A.    Roll Call and Certification of proxies:  

A quorum of 159 was required.  A total of 156 proxies were received and approximately 30 homeowners were at the meeting


B.  Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice:

The fact that Management received a large amount of proxies and that residents attended is proof of notice.




C.   Drawings for HOA fees:  

1.     Winner drawn from the proxies:     


****Hunters Chase Ct.

2.     Winner present at meeting: 







III.                     READING AND DISPOSAL OF MINUTES 2014 Annual MEETING:       





IV.                    REPORTS OF OFFICERS, if any:  

A.    Lakeside Festival:         

Dr. Zimnik spoke about the success of the Lakeside Festival.  He thanked Mr. Cowell, Mrs. Weaver, and Mr. Franks for all of their hard work on the Festival.  A Board member stated that there were several gifts left over from the Festival. Each Homeowner was given two tickets for a chance to win a gift for attending the Annual Meeting.  Thirty-four gifts were given out.

B.    Community Suggestions:        

A Board member asked that the Homeowners let the Board know if there was anything they would like to see happen in the neighborhood or if they have any suggestions. 


V.                     Reports of Committees, if any:         

A.     ACC Committee:         

         Mr. Dave Latch, the ACC Chairman was introduced to the HomeownersMr. Latch expressed that he would like to keep the neighborhood looking great.  


VI.           Election or appointment of inspectors of election.  

        Two Homeowners attending the meeting were selected to count the ballots for the three Directors.


VII.  Election of Directors:           

There are five pre-announced candidates for the three Director positions, Susan Miller, Bill Watt, Bill Ryan, Roger  Franks, and Royle Kidwell; each for a term of three years.  Ms. Miller, Mr. Watt, and Mr. Ryan were unable to attend the meeting tonight.  Ms. Miller served on the Lakeside Festival committee.  She has served on previous HOA Boards in other communities. Mr. Watt had previously been the President of the Board for years and has a lot of historical knowledge of the community.  Mr. Ryan has been a Board member for years.  Mr. Franks has been on the Board for this past year, he also served on the Lakeside Festival.  Mr Kidwell has served on other Boards and lives in the Condos.  The Homeowners voted for the three Director positions. The Homeowners elected Mr. Bill Watt, Mr. Bill Ryan, and Ms. Susan Miller with the most votes.

Motion:  To accept all three nominations.

Zimnik/Weaver                                 Vote:  Unanimous 


VIII.       Unfinished business:   

              No unfinished business


IX.New Business: 

A.  Homeowner Concerns: 

1.     Awareness of By-Laws:          

Homeowners are given a copy of the By-laws of the community by Maryland Law.  The documents are on the Association’s Web site too.  If there is a violation of the by-laws the Homeowner is sent a letter from Management.  If the home is rented out, the Homeowner is still legally responsible.

2.     Problem Solved:         

A Homeowner wanted to thank Management and the Board for how they took care of a problem in the Community.

3.      Barking Dogs:

Homeowners and the Board discussed that there is a City ordinance for barking dogs.

4.      Management: 

Several Homeowners wanted to thank Ms. Keen for how well she manages the Community.




IX.       Adjournment:         

            There being no additional business the Annual Meeting was adjourned at 7:57pm.

Motion:  To adjourn the meeting.

   Homeowner/Homeowner              Vote:  Unanimous 



Respectfully yours,




Shelly Henning

Recording Secretary