Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.
Regular Meeting Minutes
April 28, 2008

The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on April 28, 2008 at 7 p.m.

Present:                                                            Absent:
Bill Watt, President                                        Erlene Moser, Treasurer
Eric Struntz, Vice-President                           Gary Simon, Director
Paul Zimnik, Director                                     Josh Bokee, Director
Jenny Marino Director
Mark Nichols, Director
William Lukens, Director

Others Present:
Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative
Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary


I.         CALL TO ORDER
Mr. Bill Watt, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:03p.m. with a quorum present.

II.        MINUTES
                   Approve March 24, 2008 meeting minutes.
             Action:  tabled until Tuesday, May 27, 2008 Regular Meeting.


            There were no homeowners present to address the Board.

    1. ACC Variance Request/xxx Graystone Court

The Board discussed that other homes already existed in the neighborhood that had a single double size door, reference was made to a home on Wayside Ct. and they had no problem with allowing this.                Motion:  To approve the variance as requested.  Nichols/Zimnik            unanimous.

    1. National Night Out Planning:

The Board would like to have the businesses in the Lakefront Village to be involved.  They thought it should be in the newsletter or a flyer.  A board member will check with other developments to see if they might be interested in joining in the planning.  The Board has decided to have a meeting in the next 2 weeks to further discuss this event.  They would like the police officer from the event to be present at the meeting.  Tuesday evenings were the best for everyone to meet again.                                                                                               Action:  Management to schedule the meeting.

    1. 2006 Draft Audit

Board agreed to wait until the Treasurer was present to discuss.
Action:  Tabled until Tuesday, May 27, 2008 Regular Meeting.

    1. Collection Fee Waiver Request/xxx Hemingway Drive:

Board discussed the issue and due to the fact that this was a real cost that was incurred by the Association, several Board members felt the fee should not be waived.
Motion:  To deny waiver request Nichols/Lukens 4/1/1.

    1. Pool Matters:

The Board discussed the pool repairs and thought that they should be completed this year on time.  The Health Department inspections for all three pools are scheduled for May 9th with Frederick County.  The board also discussed an application for a Caregiver to take a member child to the pool.  There was concern with the wording on the application.
Motion:  That the Association charge non resident fee of $25.00 per caregiver, per application for whom the pass will be given.  Lukens/Nichols unanimous.
Motion: Upon receipt of completed caregiver application, with application fee, the Board authorizes the agent to execute the application on behalf of the Board.  Lukens/Nichols unanimous.
Motion:  To charge a single $25.00 fee to Dickinson for caregiver administration fee with notification that they will need to pay full caregiver fee in 2009.  Nichols/Lukens unanimous.
Action:  Management to update the Caregiver form to have adult show photo identification.  Change wording on form to “give permission” to adult.  At the bottom paragraph wording should be “gives permission for the above caregiver to supervise the member’s children at all times.”

    1. Landscape / New Rocky Springs Entrance Sign:

Classic Landscaping, Inc. had given Management a proposal to install a landscape bed around the new entrance sign.  The Board discussed the benefits of the bedding proposed. 
      Motion:  To approve.  Struntz/Zimnik  unanimous.



                        A.  Landscaping:
The board discussed that they were not happy with the amount of weeds that are present this year and that the grass hasn’t been maintained as much as has been needed. This spring has been very wet and has contributed to Classic Landscaping, Inc. not being able to come out as often and may also contribute to the cause of the large amount of weeds.  It was also noted that Classic Landscaping, Inc. doesn’t seem to be cutting back in certain areas along Christopher’s Crossing as deep as they had done last year.  Management has already spoken with Classic Landscaping, Inc.
Action:  Ms. Marino is to meet with Classic Landscaping, Inc. and to do a landscape walk through.
Action:  Next year when the Board does the grounds maintenance contract look at the amount of mowing that is in the spring (consider increasing due to heavier growth time) and less in the summer months.


    1. May’s Regular Meeting

 Scheduled for Tuesday, May 27, 2008 due to the Memorial Holiday falling on the 4th Monday of May.

    1. Grass cutting left in street:

It was brought to the attention of management that some private lawn care service companies are leaving grass clippings in the street in front of the lawns they are working on.  Management asked for addresses where this is taking place and said she would send the homeowner a letter.
Action:  A board member said they would get the addresses for her.

    1. Pool/ Cameras:

Need to discuss getting cameras for the pool.

    1. Graffiti/ Tagging:

The Board would like to see entire electrical box painted the same color.
The police should be notified when tagging has been done in the neighborhood so the police can keep the records they need.

    1. Neighborhood Social:

The board thought it would be nice to do a social for the neighborhood, “Get to know your neighbor”, possibly a pool party that would be catered. 


                    There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the    Board meeting adjourned at 8:50p.m.
                     Motion:  To adjourn the meeting at 8:50p.m.  Struntz/Nichols/unanimous.

Respectfully yours,


Shelly Henning

Recording Secretary