Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.
Regular Meeting Minutes
May 27, 2008

The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on May 27, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

Present:                                                            Absent:
Bill Watt, President                                         Paul Zimnik, Director
Eric Struntz, Vice-President - joined               Mark Nichols, Director
 at 7:27pm                                                        Josh Bokee, Director                                               
Jenny Marino Director
William Lukens, Director
Gary Simon, Director
Erlene Moser, Treasurer

Others Present:
Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative
Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary



I.         CALL TO ORDER
Mr. Bill Watt, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:00p.m. with a quorum present.

II.        MINUTES
                   Approve March 24, 2008 meeting minutes.
                    Note:  the time to adjourn the meeting at 9:011 to be changed to 9:11pm
             Motion:  March minutes to be approved as amended.  Lukens/Watt
             Approve April 28, 2008 meeting minutes.
             Motion:  April minutes approved.   Lukens/Marino unanimous      


There were no homeowners present to address the Board.

    1. Tree Replacement Proposals

The Board discussed the proposal from Classic Landscaping, Inc. for the replacement of dead trees.  The amount of the proposal was $1,960.00
Motion:  Approve the landscaping proposal.  Simon/Lukens unanimous.


    1. Entrance Monument:

The Board discussed the proposal from Arbortecture, Inc. dated 5/15/08 of shaping the spruce trees.  At one time the owner of the Village Center wanted to take out and replant the area however never submitted a plan.  The Board also decided that the owner of the Village Center should be sent a letter of what the Arbortecture, Inc. will be doing to make sure they are in agreement with it.  One Board member asked if these funds could be taken out of the Village Center’s funds. 
Action:  Management to send the owner of Village Center a letter explaining what is planned for the trees behind the front entrance monument.
Motion:  To approve the proposal from Arbortecture to prune the Norway Spruce Trees at the entrance monument as shown on pg 10 with notice to the owner of the Village Center.  Lukens/Simon unanimous.


    1. Christopher’s Crossing Juniper Beds

 The Board discussed the proposal from Classic Landscaping Inc., to remove existing ground cover junipers and redesign for color and screening.  The Board was most concerned about the sparse grass in the area and not ready to spend the money at this time.  It was also determined that it was too late in the season to do this and might be better in the fall to change out plants if it was determined to do so.
Action:  Reevaluate and maybe do this fall.


    1. Homeowner Tree Removal Request.

The Board discussed where the home is located and wanted to know if the tree was in a “pattern” of trees.  It was determined that more information was needed to make a decision.
Action:  A board member will take pictures of site and send to the Board for review.  After more information is collected, Board will discuss at the June’s meeting.


    1. Pool Matters:
      1. Spring Pool Opening:

      No complaints noted.

      1. MAC Swim Team Request:

The Board discussed the email from Joy Nichols to Management dated May 13th regarding MAC using the Wetherburne pool for swim practice this summer. 
Motion:  Move that we allow them to use the pool as in the email with compensation.  Lukens/Simon unanimous


    1. National Night Out Budget:

The Board discussed several ideas for the event.  It needs to be determined how much the police are able to do.  The committee for this would like to speak with Officer Bowman.   They would like to involve the Village Center.  There is a possibility of the Humane Society could come out.  There may be a possibility to get Ft. Detrick involved since so many who work at Fort Detrick live in Whittier.  Ideas that were thought of were a possibility of fireworks, movie in the park, boat rides, moon bounce, pony rides, and maybe a DJ.  The Board also discussed the best way to get the word out to the residence and how to determine how many might attend to make sure they have enough food and beverages.  The possibility of sending out post cards and maybe handing out tickets for food was discussed. 
Motion:   Support a budget up to $15,000.00 to cover max expenses of that amount if not able to recover elsewhere.  Struntz/ Marino  5 favor/1 abstain


    1. 2006 Draft Audit:

The Board did not see anything that needed to be changed.
Motion:  Move to accept the 2006 audit as provided.  Moser/Simon unanimous.


    1. Restripe and Number Parking Spaces on Carrington Way and Paxton Terrace:

The Board discussed that the money comes out of the reserve for the townhomes.  The board noted that the numbering and restriping was in need of being done.
Motion:  Move that we accept the proposal of Jet Services dated May 16th for $986.00 Lukens/ Marino unanimous.

    1. Homeowner Correspondence:

                  1.  Payment Plan Request: 
The Board discussed the homeowner’s situation and her desire to rectify it.  
Action:  Management to send her a letter.
Motion:  the Board suspend collection action pending further collection and legal action due to the homeowner xxx Carrington Way adhering to her proposed payment plan @$50.00 per week until the $425.30 is paid.  Should she default in any payment, legal action will begin immediately.  Simon/Struntz unanimous                                                                 


    1. ACC:  none
    2. Pool Committee:

1.   Not one complaint from pool season opening!
2.  xxxx Hunters Chase Court.
a.   Proof of residency- must produce documents. 
Action:  Nancy to send them a notice that they must produce proof of residency. 
Motion: That we approve the passes for the two (2) 18 year olds and not to the older adults, as they must provide proof of residency.  Struntz/ Simon  3 for/ 2 against.
3.  Duck issue:
 a.  Solar Covers:  The Board discussed the pros and cons to the covers.  Very difficult to take off and put on and in the later months of pool season make the water too warm.
b.  Orange fishing line:   If it is put at the top of the fence it seems to deter the ducks.
      C.  Townhouse Committee:  none
                  D.  Condo Committee:  none
                  E.  Landscaping Committee:
The board discussed that the grass on the east side (along the farm land) of Christopher Crossing is about 3 feet high.   It was discussed that the Board needs to determine who owns the property first and if it belongs to the farm would it be possible to get a landscaping easement to cut the grass?  Classic had been cutting it in the past.  Management thought that Whittier only owns a small strip of land on this side.  First, we need to find out who owns the property and if Classic needs to reevaluate where the boundary is. 
Action:  Management will determine where the boundary is, and the  Board to look at where the grass is growing so high to discuss at the next meeting.

  1. Communications Committee: 

                         The approved paint colors would be added to the web site.

  1.  Social Committee: 

       National night out will be the focus of the committee.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  none

                 There was no old business discussed.



    1. Classic Landscaping would like opportunity to have condo’s business too.

The Board discussed that Classic Landscaping would like the opportunity to have all the landscaping in Whittier.  There might be the opportunity to get better pricing for the entire development.  There would be benefits to having classic on site more often.  Could they also do snow removal in the condos?   The Homeowner’s don’t make a decision until this fall on renewing their contract.  Classic Landscaping talked about putting together a gathering for the Condo Associations.
Action:  Management to reach out to the condo association and see if they would like to join forces.

    1. Landscaping for Whittier Elementary School:

The Board discussed wanting to do something for the school if the money was available.  The suggestion was made that the grass be treated for weeds but didn’t know if there would be a liability because of the children and chemicals.  Would the school be okay with us coming onto the property and doing work?  The suggestion was made to weed and mulch the flower beds and do edging.
Action:  Management to get proposal from Classic landscaping, Inc. on school.

    1. Solar Panels: 

Board member noted that the state of Maryland has a law regarding solar panels can not be restricted in any way.

    1. Pool Cameras: 

Action:  Please discuss at next month’s meeting. 

    1. Excess money in accounts.

Action:  To discuss different funds the money can be moved to.  


                    There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the    Board meeting adjourned at 8:46p.m.
                     Motion:  To adjourn the meeting at 8:50p.m.  Moser/Lukens unanimous


Respectfully yours,


Shelly Henning
Recording Secretary