Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.
Regular Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2008

The board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on September 22, 2008 at 7 p.m.


Present:                                                            Absent:
Bill Watt, President                                      Mark Nichols, Director
Eric Struntz, Vice-President                         Gary Simon, Director  
Paul Zimnik, Director                                   Josh Bokee, Director  
Jenny Marino, Director
William Lukens, Director
Erlene Moser, Treasurer

Others Present:
Nancy Keen:  Vanguard Representative
Shelly Henning:  Recording Secretary
Mr. John Festerman, Whittier Elementary School Principal
Shanna Macharsky, Whittier Elementary PTA Representative
David Geis, Classic Landscaping



I.         CALL TO ORDER
Mr. Bill Watt, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum present.

II.        MINUTES
                  August 27, 2008 meeting minutes.
            Motion:  The August 27, 2008 minutes are approved as presented.
            Struntz/Lukens                 Vote:   Unanimous


There were no homeowners present to address the Board.             

    1. School Grounds Maintenance:

The Board met with Mr. John Festerman, Principal of Whittier Elementary and Ms. Shanna Macharsky, PTA Representative to discuss the overgrowth of weeds and conditions of the flower beds at the school.  Mr. Festerman told the Board that the school resources for this area are already stretched beyond capacity.  Ms. Macharsky said that at different times they have had volunteers to work on the flower beds but that they need additional help with it.  They would like to see a community effort to beautify the grounds.  They would like help on the front corner flower bed, the entrance way, edging and weeding the tree area.  Regarding the use of herbicides, the school is waiting for a new list of approved herbicides from the county so then they can treat the weeds.  The Board’s interest in helping with the school grounds is to improve the overall look for the benefit of the neighborhood and all property value.  The school understands that they shouldn’t stop what they are already doing to improve the grounds but if they could join forces and work together.  The Board will evaluate what they can do to help and get the schools final approval before they do anything.  The Board asked Mr. Geis from Classic Landscaping if he could put together a proposal for the pruning of the shrubs, edging on the sidewalk along Wetherburne, and the outside border of the school grounds and the big flower bed.  They wanted the proposal as soon as possible and would like Management to email it to the Board members so they could vote on it by email.
Action:  The Board asked that Management have Classic put together a proposal as quickly as possible.

    1. Landscape Proposal:

The Board discussed the 5 proposals from Classic for various tree and shrub replacements that are needed based on the August Landscape Committee report and also Management’s inspections.
      Motion:  Move that we approve the 5 proposals that Classic proposed in the management packet.
      Lukens/Moser            Vote:  Unanimous      

    1. Grounds Maintenance Contract Renewal:

The Board met with Mr. David Geis from Classic Landscaping.   Mr. Geis discussed that there is a 5.6% increase for 2009.  He said there hasn’t been an increase in 3 years.  And they are offering a 3 year contract.  These numbers can change (decrease) if Whittier is able to bring on other surrounding communities in the area to select Classic Landscaping.  Mr. Geis would also like to be at more of the HOA meetings in the future; preferably at least two a year.  He discussed 2 issues for this past year.  1)  Spring Dandelions and weed issue.  He said unfortunately there is no way to ever get rid of the weeds; at best you can control it. A thick and heavier turf make it harder for the weeds to get rooted.  If you weed too early, then you miss the prime time to kill them before they produce more seeds.  Weather also plays into this.  2) Pruning.  In the past Whittier received 3 prunings per season but was only charged for 2.  They were getting one free when Classic was mulching.  An additional pruning would cost $1,216.00.  The board discussed that it really looked shaggy without it.  Even though there is no real benefit to the shrubs it does make a difference in how it looks.  It was mentioned that Whittier is currently ready for another pruning and it should be done soon.  The Board also considered an extra cutting for next year and the possibility of shifting the cutting to different times of the season depending on how much it is growing or not due to weather conditions.  The Board discussed that they should be able to afford the two extra items.    If Classic Landscaping does not perform some or any of the items in the contract, Classic then would credit it back to the account.  Mr. Geis also gave Whittier the option of trading services for services.  The Board has to make a decision on the contract by January.   A Board member would like to see the actual copy of Classic’s contract and Management said they would forward it onto the Board Member.  A Board member also would like the area by Whittier Drive to be cut up to the fence and would also like to see it get weed wacked there.
Action:  Tabled until the next meeting.  Management is to send a Board Member a copy of the actual contract from Classic Landscaping.

    1. Pool Repairs:

                        Fall Pool Repairs and Improvements:
The Board discussed the proposal by Continental for recommended repairs and improvements.  Several of the pool repairs need to be completed prior to opening spring of 2009 because of the Health department compliance due to new Federal Regulations.  There is concern if Whittier does not do this now that the parts will not be available next spring due to the heavy demand across the nation to be compliant.  Continental is planning on documenting all work done and taking pictures to show proper installation to authoritites.
Motion:  To approve the recommended pool repair maintenance as in the management packet.
                        Struntz/Lukens                        Vote:  Unanimous

    1. Wetherburne Pool House Interior Painting:

The Board discussed the different bids for the job.  Paint is chipping in the pool house.
Motion:  To approve T & C Painting Contractor for $1,860.00 to do the painting on the Wetherburne Pool house.
Struntz/Moser                         Vote:  Unanimous

    1. 2009 Draft Budget:

Action/Motion:  Please review 2009 draft budget for discussion and any desired modifications.  Please approve budget for distribution to the homeowners.
The Board discussed the 2009 Budget.  It was noted that Classic Landscaping has a separate contract for snow removal.  Single family homes, town homes and condos fees are not the same because they have different services.
Motion:  Approve the 2009 operating budget for distribution to the homeowners.
Zimnik/Struntz                          Vote:  4 for/2obstain.
Action:  Management will send out to the homeowners.  A board member will post on the web site.

    1. Write Off to Bad Debt: 
      1. XXXXX & XXXXX

The Board discussed that these homes had been foreclosed on and have been sold to new owners.
Motion:  Move that we write off the two collections.
Zimnik/Lukens         Vote:  Unanimous                                                                                 



    1. ACC:  none
    2. Pool Committee:  none
    3. Townhouse Committee:  none
    4. Condo Committee:  none
    5. Landscaping Committee:  none
    6. Communications Committee:

Bulk trash notice went out on the web.  Trick or Treating information will go out on it.  Regarding advertising it should be forwarded onto Mr. Zimnik from Management.  Should the pricing for advertising be the same? 

    1. Social Committee:

The Lakeside Planning Committee group is convening.  They would like to find out if the Police Dept is committed to Whittier again for next year.  The music should have lasted the entire time of the event.  Really needed a PA system.   

    1. Treasurer’s Report: none


    1. Lake issue:

The board discussed that the lake algae has gotten worse.  Management has not heard back from the Mayor or the city.  The Board asked that Management contact the city again.
Action:  Management to contact the city again regarding the algae in the lake. 



    1. A board member asked if anyone had had a problem with their mailbox being opened.  No one had reported any problems.

                    There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the    Board meeting adjourned at 8:57p.m.
                     Motion:  To adjourn the meeting.
                     Moser/Lukens                               Vote:  Unanimous


Please note the next scheduled meeting is October 27, 2008 at 7:00PM.



Respectfully yours,


Shelly Henning
Recording Secretary