Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.
Regular Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2010

The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on June 28, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.


Bill Watt, President
Eric Struntz, Vice-President
Paul Zimnik, Director
Jenny Marino, Director
Bill Ryan, Director



Josh Bokee, Director
Erlene Moser, Director
Gary Simon, Treasurer
Michael Brown, Director

Others Present

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative
Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary



  Mr. Bill Watt, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:20pm with a quorum present.




The Board discussed the April minutes. 
Motion: To approve the April minutes..
Zimnik/Marino Vote: Unanimous




See Maintenance Re-inspection/Pool Passes Held





A. Whittier Lakeside Festival:

The festival is scheduled for August 3rd.  The same food vendor will be used this year – Famous Dave’s.   Mr. Struntz will coordinate with Famous Dave’s.    Mr. Zimnik asked that someone else be responsible for the marketing of the event but he will create a flyer.  The Board discussed the best way to deliver the flyers.  Once it was determined how much was to be spent on the food the Board could make a determination on how to send out the flyers.  The Board would like to see the flyers out by the 4th of July to give the residents the time to plan for the event. Mr. Zimnik is to meet with the Police Department next week.  The Board would be notified as things progress thru emails.
Motion:  Not to exceed $8,000.00 for the budget without prior approval.
Ryan/Struntz                                                Vote:  Unanimous      

B. Collection’s Attorney:

Attorney Don Weisfield was considered in the April meeting for the possibility of handling a few of the larger delinquent accounts.  The Board asked Management to get a proposal from him and find out what his expectations are from us and what the expenses would be.
Action:  Management to get a proposal.

C. Maintenance Re-inspection/Pool Passes Held:

The Board and Management discussed how difficult it is to patrol the landscaping maintenance of each property.  The Board suggested that the homeowner could email management with a picture when they have corrected a problem.  The Board discussed that the homeowners need to follow the Architectural guidelines and that the language is sufficient in the guidelines.  Homeowners would also be able to email Management when there is a home with a problem so that Management would be able to address the owner.

      1.  **** Independence St.

The Board discussed with Management that this home has overgrown shrubs and that they needed to be sited.  The Board asked that they email Management a picture after it had been corrected.
Motion:   To send them a violation
Ryan/Marino                           Vote:   4 for/ 1 oppose.

      1. **** Emerson Drive

Stroller stored in front yard
Motion:  To release the pool passes.
Zimnik/Struntz                           Vote:  Unanimous

      1.  **** Lakeside Drive

Garage trim has peeling paint
**** stated he doesn’t reside at the home and he did not receive any previous notices.   He stated he had fixed the problem and showed the Board pictures of the correction. 
Motion:  To release the pool passes.
Zimnik/Struntz                           Vote:  Unanimous
Action:  Management to send the residents their pool passes in the next several days.

      1. **** Prentice Court

****** attended the meeting and discussed the issue.  She said that the problem had been corrected.  She did not bring any pictures of the correction and asked the Board to take her on her word. 
Motion:  To release the pool passes.
 Zimnik/Struntz                           Vote:  Unanimous


 D.  Wetherburne Way Parking Concern:

A homeowner is very concerned with safety on Wetherburne Way with all of the parking on both sides of the street.  This has been an ongoing concern for many years.  The City had done a previous study and determined that the street was wide enough for street parking on both sides.  The Board discussed that they were not really sure what they could do about it because the City has determined the street is wide enough.
Action:  Management to write a letter to the resident to let her know what the community has done in the past.

E. Collections:

      1. **** Huntwood Ct.

The Board discussed the request and determined that these were real costs and should be paid by the owner.
Motion:   That we deny this.
Struntz/Zimnik                  Vote:  Unanimous

      1.  **** Shelley Circle

The owner has passed away.  The Board discussed that in the past that this was the only exception they have made.
Move:  That we waive the extra fees and absorb the loss.
Struntz/Ryan                  Vote:   4 for/ 1 opposed.

      1. **** Emerson Drive

The owner is requesting to make $100.00 payments until he is paid in full.  He owes approximately $2,600.00.  He has sent in $200.00.  What the Board is agreeing to is to not move forward with additional cost.  A lien has already been filed.  The Board wanted to be clear that the payment plan is just for the delinquent amount, not new payments that will be due   
Motion:  That Management write her a letter that we will accept the payment plan for $100.00 per month or more for the rears, however, when the new dues comes due it has to be paid in full and has to be on time.
Ryan/Zimnik                           Vote:  4 for/ 1 oppose

      1. **** Wetherburne Way:

The homeowner was requesting an extension for a month.   The
Board will accept payment in July.  Management told the Board that they would file a lien unless the Board told them not to.  The lien would go against the title.
Motion:  Give him until July 31, 2010 then if he hasn’t been paid we will move forward.
Struntz/Ryan                           Vote:  Unanimous




A.  ACC: none

B.  Pool Committee:
1.  The swim team (MAC) that had previously used Whittier has moved     to Clover Hill.  – Loss of income.
2.  The Lifeguards are not always asking for the pool passes. 
3.  There was an incident where a small child fell in the pool and a life guard stood by while others jumped in to save the child.

The Board and Management would like to have:
1.  Consistency of the pools
2.  Full attention of the life guards
3.  Need the front desk/passes managed.

C.  Townhouse Committee:  none

D.  Condo Committee: none

E. Landscaping Committee: none

F. Communication Committee: none

G. Social Committee: none

H.  Treasurer’s Report:  none

I. Ad Hoc Committee FAST Proposed Bubble Enclosure:  none





There was no old business discussed.




A. Window Air-conditioned  Units: 

It was noted that they are several window units that are being used in the neighborhood.   




There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the Board    meeting adjourned at 8:57p.m.
         Motion: To adjourn the meeting. 
         Ryan/Marino            Vote:  Unanimous 



Please note the next scheduled meeting is August 23, 2010 at 7:00PM.



Respectfully yours,


Shelly Henning
Recording Secretary