Issues & Events

Board of Directors 2024

The 2023 annual meeting was held on November 28, 2023. Sally Hoague, Elizabeth Hoover, and Tim Sweeney were elected to the Board of Directors for three (3) year terms. 

On January 23, 2024, the Board of Directors elected new officers for a one (1) year term. 

  • Frank Hackett - President
  • Jackie Parks - Vice President
  • Elizabeth Hoover - Secretary
  • Tim Sweeney - Treasurer
  • Andrea Weaver - Director
  • Nancy Sweet - Director
  • Jason Smith - Director
  • Bernarda Jackson -Director
  • Sally Hoague - Director

Snow Removal - Who is Responsible?

Streets: The City of Frederick owns and maintains the community's streets and is responsible for clearing the snow. All concerns should be directed to the public works department at 301-600-1440

Sidewalks: All homeowners and residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks adjacent to their property. The Association clears the sidewalks that are adjacent to the Association’s common areas. 

Community Inspections Are Good For Everyone and Increase Property Values

The Association relies on all homeowners and residents to regularly maintain their homes and property to ensure that the community's appearance and property values are maintained for all members. If you want to conduct your inspection, here are the areas most cited last fall during the annual inspection. 

  1. Recycling containers are not stored properly
  2. Shutters missing
  3. Shutters discolored
  4. Mismatched shingles
  5. Trash on lots            
  6. Algae on siding
  7. Window screens missing or torn
  8. Fence in disrepair
  9. Dead landscaping
  10. Overgrown Shrubs